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About Us

Designed, Developed & Managed in the USA

Our Story

Trident Outreach started out as just an idea when Brantley was struggling to bring on clients for his digital marketing agency. Cold calls rarely made it past the receptionist, paying for ads was out of the question, and there just wasn’t enough time in the day to send out hundreds of LinkedIn messages. On top of that, all the automations softwares he tried out just didn’t have the features he was looking for. Not knowing where to start, he reached out to his friend Kurt, who has fortune 500 Cloud Development expertise. Kurt let Brantley know that he could build practically anything and to dream up his ideal prospecting system. So, they got thinking.

Between the two of them they dreamed up the most powerful software that they could think of, featuring advanced targeting, a multi-channel follow-up, and list-building capabilities. After realizing this would be more powerful than any organic prospecting system currently on the market, they began to think of just how many people the software could help. Brantley and Kurt decided to go into business together and thus, Trident Outreach was born.


The Vision

To be the best prospecting system on the market and change the lives of all our members for the better by revolutionizing their workday and increasing their effectiveness.

The Mission

To take the work out of starting conversations with our user’s target audience, helping them to spend their time selling/recruiting instead of prospecting.

What Can You Do With Trident Outreach?


Find hundreds of verified emails every day

Say goodbye to bounced emails, copy and paste, and labor-intensive prospecting.

Trident Outreach seamlessly turns your Linkedin search into contact lists with verified emails.

Set up automated email campaigns in minutes

Send automated and personalized emails to your new contacts and forget about cold outreach.

Simply make a sales navigator search, create your campaign and let Trident get to work for you.


Organize your contacts in a powerful CRM

Keep track of and sort your leads in an easy-to-use CRM.

Simplify your prospecting and filter your leads in seconds.

Export your contacts with 1 click

Easily export your leads in Excel or CSV.

Upload your leads into all major CRM’s, create lookalike audiences, and more.


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